Welcome to the homepage of Soumendranath Bhakat whose research interest is within the exciting field of biology, chemistry and computational applications. This webpage not only highlights current research interests, publications but also contains links of several softwares and servers used in the field of computational biology, molecular modelling and drug discovery.

My current focus lies mainly with understanding effect of mutations on overall bio-molecular dynamics and drug binding landscape, application of computer aided drug design in the identification of novel small molecule inhibitors targeting Neglected Tropical Diseases i.e. dengue virus, west nile virus and chikungunya virus, understanding the effect of dimerization in inhibitor uptake and drug design as well as on several cutting edge topics of medicinal chemistry, biophysics and structural biology.

Sneak Peek of my Interests

Cricket, Quora, Artificial Intelligence, Biocomputing, Reading Novels, Painting, Graph theory, Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Activities

Open Source Drug Design and In SIlico Molecules (2013-2014)

Open Source Drug Discovery and the concept of  Open Patent in drug discovery [LINK]

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